7 October 2014 Kenneth Barnes 'News and Reflections' 1977, 1978, 1979 from 'The Wenningtonian' the Wennington Old Scholars newsletters. http://www.wenningtonschool.org.uk/index.php/wennington-old-scholars-committee/from-the-association-newsletter

 23 September 2014  Two historical documents discovered in the archive in June.  A booklet entitled 'A Proposal for a New School' written by Kenneth and Frances while at Bedales in 1936 http://www.wenningtonschool.org.uk/index.php/archivematerials/documents/40-writings-of-kenneth-barnes/proposal-for-a-new-school-1936, and 'The First Four Years' a report on the school during the war from 1940 - 1944  www.wenningtonschool.org.uk/index.php/archivematerials/documents/41-reports/the-first-four-years 

Fascinating reading!


 23 September2014  Dates for 2015 Wennington week at PETT and 2015 AGM at Thorner.

  1 April 2014   Brian Hill's Sunday Evening Assembly 'Standards of Living' written in the mid 1950s but is still relevant to 21st century society. http://www.wenningtonschool.org.uk/index.php/archivematerials/documents/35-writings-of-brian-hill/brian-s-sunday-evenng-assemblies/184-standards-of-living

2 July 2013  David Richardson's Album.  Over 90 photographs taken between Autumn 1960 - Summer 1961.  Were you at school then?  Images include Sports day, swimming, making hot air balloons, and many of David's contemporaries


Monday 11th May to Friday15th May, 2015


For an account of the week with photographs go to  http://bit.ly/1B6V90f


For an account of the 'Commom Roots' Day go to  http://bit.ly/1de4PRE














Calling all Wenningtonians!

Reunion and AGM 2015 will be on

Saturday 19th to Sunday 20th September 2015


St. Peter's Church Hall




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