Dear Sue,

You will not know me, but I was the archivist for the Planned Environment Therapy Trust, and had the privilege of knowing Andy as part of my working with the Wennington Association, and especially during the "Therapeutic Living With Other People's Children" project a decade ago, in which Andy took an active part. He recorded his memories and experiences of Wennington, came from wherever he was working to join in the Archive Weekends, and shared himself and his enthusiasm with the local school students who became involved, and with everyone at PETT. And lived out of the back of his Landrover, with his indestructible (he proved it to us) mobile phone. He was a centred, certain, inquiring, generous, reliable, caring, reassuring human being; a strong and anchoring presence, who I and many others will miss deeply. When Katy Pentith was there it was indomitable.

Sam Doncaster let me know of Andy's loss, and your news of Andy's illness. Although Sam can't join me now, I am still planning to drive up on Wednesday. I am grateful to have known Andy. He seemed indestructible. His love for Wennington, friends, and family was.

With best wishes, and thanks,

Craig (Fees)

(Sue printed and shared this with the photographs and other memories at the Original Farmer's Arms in Ecclestone)


2001 thorner reunion

Andy at the 2015 Reunion of the Association in Thorner