The Wennington School Association was formed by a group of old scholars, parents of old scholars and members of staff in the late 1940s to promote and continue friendship amongst its members. Membership is open to former scholars, the parents of former scholars, to former members of staff, and to people whose interest makes their membership desirable. Until the school closed in 1975 the Association gave the school support by holding annual Old Scholars working parties to assist in the maintenance of the building and grounds.

In 1998 the Wennington records were transferred to the Planned Environment Therapy Trust Archive and Study Centre in Gloucestershire for safe-keeping, and the Wennington School Association began a long and innovative partnership through which the Association has helped catalogue, digitise, and generally add value to the material in the archive, for example through oral history and interpretation. In 2019 the Planned Environment Therapy Trust transferred the Archive and Study Centre and the Trust's grounds and buildings to the Mulberry Bush Organisation before winding up, and the Association's relationship continues with the successor Planned Environment Therapy Archives and Special Collections at the Mulberry Bush Third Space (MB3) in Gloucestershire. 

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