7 October 2014 Kenneth Barnes 'News and Reflections' 1977, 1978, 1979 from 'The Wenningtonian' the Wennington Old Scholars newsletters. http://www.wenningtonschool.org.uk/index.php/wennington-old-scholars-committee/from-the-association-newsletter

 23 September 2014  Two historical documents discovered in the archive in June.  A booklet entitled 'A Proposal for a New School' written by Kenneth and Frances while at Bedales in 1936 http://www.wenningtonschool.org.uk/index.php/archivematerials/documents/40-writings-of-kenneth-barnes/proposal-for-a-new-school-1936, and 'The First Four Years' a report on the school during the war from 1940 - 1944  www.wenningtonschool.org.uk/index.php/archivematerials/documents/41-reports/the-first-four-years 

Fascinating reading!


 23 September2014  Dates for 2015 Wennington week at PETT and 2015 AGM at Thorner.

  1 April 2014   Brian Hill's Sunday Evening Assembly 'Standards of Living' written in the mid 1950s but is still relevant to 21st century society. http://www.wenningtonschool.org.uk/index.php/archivematerials/documents/35-writings-of-brian-hill/brian-s-sunday-evenng-assemblies/184-standards-of-living

2 July 2013  David Richardson's Album.  Over 90 photographs taken between Autumn 1960 - Summer 1961.  Were you at school then?  Images include Sports day, swimming, making hot air balloons, and many of David's contemporaries