Photographs of the week are in 'Archive Images' entitled June 2014 



by Richard Pemble

Monday 9th- Friday 13th June.

There was a group of five Wenningtonians, two from Pestalozzi, and a PhD. student.  I arrived in time for lunch and work was in full swing, documents being scanned, transcribed and proof read. Craig presented me with a clock that had been given to Pett some time ago but had not been used: a bit of a clean and some oil, it was soon running  and fixed on the wall.

Following the clock repair I was scanning things written by Roger Gerhardt, his ideas about comparing the costs of a child at Wennington and in local council care. It was difficult to stop reading and get on with the job in hand.

By Tuesday morning we had increased to six, we carried on with the work in hand.  In the afternoon some of us decided to visit Stanway House, which has the highest gravity fed fountain in the world, at 300 feet, well worth a visit. In previous years it has not been open during May.

Wednesday was give over to COMMON ROOTS a meeting that grew out of the Child Care History Network conference at Hilfield Friary, the site of Homer Lane’s Little Commonwealth.   Emily Charkin, a PhD. Student who came to last years week, had given a presentation on children and adults being jointly responsible for their environment, which included Wennington photographic material. On Wednesday morning more Wenningtonians arrived as well as people from Forest School Camps, Caldecott community, Redhill School, Summerhill School, Pestalozzi village and various academics, 25 people in total. After a presentation about the early Pestalozzi Children’s project Emily repeated her Hilfield talk showing archive photographs of Wennington outdoor work and building projects. 

Following a good lunch there was lively discussion during the afternoon, on the history of the various communities and the lack of success of formal education.

Throughout the week Paddy Butcher and Katy Pentith worked from early morning to late into the night transcribing the Senate Minute book.  On Friday morning Katy produced three paintings of Ingmanthorpe Hall (two by Rose Freeman) which she had ‘rescued’ when the school closed, and delighted us with a story about having seen a ghost and finding a German Iron Cross in the shrubbery behind the building at the end of the swimming pool.