A Tribute by Irene Hill

Frank Leafhead died on Saturday 3rd December 2005.  Frank had been ill for about three years with lung cancer.  Towards the end it was thought that he also had Parkinson’s.  He was 81. Because of ill health Frank had been unable to come to recent Wennington reunions, but I saw him from time to time and attended his funeral at Boston Spa Church, along with David Long.
I know that Frank had good memories of his short time spent at the school where he taught Form I and was in charge of PE.
Being a PE teacher at Wennington can’t have been an easy task, but Frank was very successful in motivating pupils to take part in, and enjoy physical activities!! With his relaxed and warm personality and his infectious enthusiasm he managed what some would have thought impossible at Wennington – a highly organised competitive school sports day, which also remained friendly and informal.
Frank was a respected member of staff, and after leaving the school maintained an interest in pupils and teachers and often inquired after their welfare.
Although he wasn’t at Wennington for very long Frank was very sympathetic towards the aims of the school and contributed a great deal during his short stay.

A Tribute by Paddy Butcher

Frank Leafhead joined the Wennington teaching staff in the Autumn of 1955 and took on the Junior Class comprising at least: Paddy Butcher, Davids Long and Webb, John Bray, Stephen Maw, John May, Martin Farley, Donovan Baxendale, Edwin Ison, Richards Baynard, Moody and Newton, Chris Holden, Sam Williams, Hilary Green, Anne Goody, Sheila Tester, Christine Young, Jo Henderson, Sally Beaumont, Margaret Fox, apologies if anyone has been missed out. But a class size of 20 or so was of great benefit! Frank remained with this class, as it progressed through the school, until his departure.
Frank was immediately very popular; he had a good way of putting things over to us all. His past obviously put him in good stead for dealing with such a varied class. Frank had served in the Air Force during the war after which he took up teaching. He was a keen sportsman taking us, and the rest of the school for PT as well as organising Games events such as sports days, and football and cricket matches, against teams like Ackworth, Boston Spa Remand School (I am sure there were many other teams we played against but they are not well recorded). Frank also had a musical streak and occasionally performed at the school dances along with his percussionist.
Frank passed away on 03 December 2005.

A fond farewell from us all Frank.