Kenneth Charles Barnes (17 September 1903 – 29 May 1998), teacher, writer, broadcaster and educationalist, was educated at elementary schools, at Emanuel School in Wandsworth, and at King’s College, London, where he obtained a degree in chemistry. From 1925 to 1930 he taught science in several grammar schools. In 1930 he was appointed Head of the Science Department at Bedales School, Petersfield, Hampshire. Ten years later, in 1940, he left Bedales and, together with his wife Frances (who died after retirement in 1969), founded Wennington School in Wetherby, near the Lancashire/Yorkshire border. Wennington was a co-educational boarding school, and Kenneth Barnes was Headmaster from its inception to 1968, when he retired. Wennington became an egalitarian school which took children from a full cross-section of society.

Kenneth Barnes was the author of a number of books including ‘A Vast Bundle of Opportunities’ and ‘Sex, Friendship and Marriage’. He is best known for ‘He and She’ (Penguin) which reflects his pioneer work in sex education, and sold steadily for more than 20 years. Although his first broadcast was in 1948, his regular involvement in BBC radio debates over a period of 25 years largely began in 1960, with his delivery of the Advent Broadcasts as a Quaker. Other broadcasts included the Sixth Form Religion and Philosophy series, ‘Lift Up Your Hearts’, and a discussion with Professor Carstairs and Mary Stocks on ‘Sexual Morality’. He also made several television appearances, particularly in ‘Meeting Point’. Kenneth Barnes was a life-long member of the Society of Friends, and travelled widely, in the service of the Society. In 1970 – 1971, with his second wife, Eleanor (whom he married in 1969), he covered 50,000 miles visiting Quaker communities, investigating social and educational conditions, in most of the African countries, North America, India and Australasia.

He studied physical science and psychology at university and was an enthusiastic amateur artist and craftsman. His 80th birthday was celebrated with an exhibition of 120 of his paintings. He enjoyed painting, photography, acting and producing, fell-walking and sailing. Kenneth Barnes has a daughter, a son, seven grandchildren and eleven great grandchildren. G. Frances Barnes, teacher and writer, was educated at a small boarding school in Hathersage, Derbyshire, and Cherwell Hall, Oxford, where she trained to be a teacher. From there she went into preparatory school work and became involved with the Society of Friends, which was how she met Kenneth Barnes in 1925. Between 1939 and 1969 Frances Barnes gave addresses in the service of the Society of Friends and wrote several articles mostly about religion and myth. Eleanor Barnes (née Spray) was head girl at Wennington School, and still lives in Yorkshire.