After retirement in 1968 Kenneth remained on the governing body of the school until its closure. When Frances died he married Eleanor Spray, who had been a pupil at Wennington. He continued to write and paint, and travelled to many parts of the world. Kenneth died May 1998 aged 94.

See the tribute written by Sybil Pentith.


Frances died in 1969, a year after she and Kenneth retired.


Died April 1998

MICHAEL CAMPBELL (English and Drama)

Michael had three spells of teaching at Wennington, in the 50's, 60's and as deputy head in the 70's. From 1956 - 64 Michael taught at Frensham Heights, another liberal/progressive school.  Later he went on to teach at Dartington Hall School.  Michael died in 1989 after spending several months in a hospice in Devon.

TONY CASHMORE (French 1945 - 50)

Died on 14th September 2000.


After Wennington Roger had various jobs ranging from working for Burton's the tailors to being a house-parent in a children's home run by Leeds Social Services. In the late 80's he moved from Leeds to a hillside cottage overlooking the Colne Valley on the outskirts of Huddersfield (it reminded him of the Pyrenees) where he enjoyed his retirement years. In 1995 , on his 69th Birthday, Roger died in Killingbeck Hospital after suffering a massive heart attack following a successful minor heart operation the day before.

See the tribute written by Brian Hill.

BRIAN HILL (English and Latin, Headmaster 1968 - 1973)

Brian died on 19th February 1997

See the tribute written by Dick Jones

LOUIS JONES (1910 - 1980) (Pottery and Art)

Louis died in July 1980. He served on the staff for 35 years, joining the school soon after it opened, and retired at the same time as its closure in 1975. He came to the school after being sacked, as a conscientious objector, from the Birmingham College of Art. A most gifted artist ranging over a wide variety of activities, he quickly put the school in the forefront of pottery. Many of his pupils have become studio potters, teachers, experts in ceramics, painters, silversmiths and designers.

His years of retirement were full of activity. His German wife Irmi, whom he married after the death of his first wife Phyllis, encouraged him to travel widely in Europe, visiting the art galleries containing the works about which he had so eagerly taught. In his own pottery he remained enterprising to the end


Frank Leafhead joined the staff in 1955. He died on December 3rd, 2005. See appreciations by Irene Hill and Paddy Butcher.

WOLF MENDL (1926 - 1999) (History 1950-53)

Wolf wrote in August 1999 to say that he'd had a major bladder operation in June 1999 and was making a slow recovery but at the beginning of December we heard that he had died on 29 November, aged 73.

Wolf was a German Jewish refugee brought to Watford by his parents at the age of 10. While still a schoolboy he followed his mother into the Society of Friends. After graduating from Cambridge Wolf taught History at Wennington then studied Quaker Peace literature at Swarthmore College, Philadelphia. From then until 1961 he worked as a Quaker in France then Japan, where he met his wife, Takako. In 1962 Wolf became a research student at King's College, London where he played a formative part in developing the ethos, and multi-disciplinary approach of its war studies department. He rose to become reader emeritus. As a teacher Wolf specialised in military sociology, especially civil-military relations.

A memorial meeting was held at Friends Meeting House, Euston. Many people from all parts of his life spoke of their memories of his outstanding human and intellectual qualities and how much Wolf had meant to them.

SYBIL PENTITH (Music 1949 - 53)

See her account of life after Wennington.
See the tribute written by John Belcher.

See: "An Energising Presence", 2 CD recording of A Thanksgiving for the life and work of Sybil Pentith 1927-2004.


Tribute to John Swift


Were staff at Wennington from June 1945 to July 1952. David taught Maths and Country Dancing, Peggy taught History and Needlework. Peggy wrote saying that David died on 23 June 2000. She did not say 'sadly' as he had been ill for a very long time (a very distressing illness) and they were all happy for him.

The entries in this section have been culled from various contributions to the Association newsletter, and other sources.

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