Site Policies

The site policy is divided into two sections. The first, internal policy, covers the policy that applies to the materal that may be submitted for inclusion on this site. The second, external policy, applies to material that occurs on other sites that may be linked to from this site.

Internal Policy

Part of this site is aimed at allowing former pupils and staff to get in contact with each other in a friendly manner. We welcome reminiscences from people even if they did not particularly enjoy their time at Wennington but criticism should not be directed at named individuals, either staff or pupils.

External Policy

If a contribution is considered unsuitable for inclusion on this site we may still be willing to provide a link to another site hosting the material provided that the material is not too offensive and would not result in legal action for libel against this site or legal action against the targeted individual as a result of revelations, true or false, published on that site. Any site should always allow a critised person the right to reply.

External sites should never attempt to give the impression that they are part of the this site.

Additional information