Wennington School, an independent, progressive, co-educational boarding school, was founded by Kenneth and Frances Barnes in 1940. It closed in 1975.

The purpose of this site is to inform visitors about the school and its place in the spectrum of progressive education and also to provide a forum and reference point for all ex-pupils, staff and friends around the world.

The site is run by the Wennington School Association, a group of old scholars, staff and parents, and was created by an ex-pupil, Robin Sinclair (1968-74). It is being maintained and developed by members of the Association.  The Wennington School and Kenneth C. Barnes archives are held in the Planned Environment Therapy Archives at MB3 in Toddington, Gloucestershire

Wennington School was, like any school, not without its faults and, consequently its critics. However, to many of those who attended it was a very special place which created and fostered very special, lifelong relationships.

It is hoped that this site will reflect those experiences and feelings.



 Please note that this website contains names and photographs of many former pupils and staff. If anyone would prefer not to be named, please let us know via the "Contact us" link.



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