Pat Left School


David Richardson 

 Young and blonde, Pat W. sat

In the great sash window bay;

Warmed her feet and bum on iron

Pipes that under oak work lay.


Sat and read then sat and giggled,

Nothing riled her here at school

Had no Dad, or was it Mother?

Gelled with all of us  - no fool.


But Pat, for some odd reason, left us,

Didn’t last the full five years;

Disappeared somehow from school

Without a trace – were there tears?


No photo of her in my album,

No picture have I got at all;

Only in my mind’s eye carry

Happy, simple, Pat at school.


And now she’s just a memory

Pat, petite and blonde and fun

       Her absence now her only presence

           In my mind, with school days gone.





Mrs Addy (housekeeper)

 Mrs Addy’s laddy loves hardenin’ hardenin’

 Mrs Addy’s lady loves hardenin’ bread

 (repeat these two lines)

   Roger Gerhardt (French teacher)

  Roger says, “Eh bien, you see,

 I like to have a munch

 Of crispy, crunchy hardening bake

 At breakfast, tea and lunch”.

    Norman Bowes (Gardener)

   “I’ve seen yer face , yer rascals”

 Says Norman looking stern

 “If you give me back me strawberries

 You’ll have hardbake in return”.

    Katherine Bolton (Biology)

  “Why is it we run for it?”

 Kathy Bolton muses.

 “Is it transpiration pull

 Or is it ‘cause we chooses?”


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